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I find “About” pages awkward.

You’re supposed to explain how great you are to work with, while trying not to sound arrogant or like an actor on “As seen on TV” commercials.

This makes it difficult, for me, to tell you about “James Hancox Photo Video”, and who I really am. You never really know someone until you’ve spent some time with them either.

Here’s a version I feel comfortable with…

I just love creating.

I’m never happier than when I have a camera in my hand, and someone to point it at. I’m passionate, patient, and bit weird and quirky, tall, and adventurous.

From meeting fascinating people to developing a new concept, exploring a new location to creating something that didn’t exist yesterday… It’s a rush.

There is something I’m proud of though…

The Founder of Photographers for Charity.

I wanted to prove that anyone could be charitable, even if they didn’t have much themselves, by giving of their time and skill.

Photographers in 11 countries were inspired to do the same. People of different professions, from lawyers to carpenters, were inspired too and launched their own charitable enterprises. We tried to do as much as we could, while not taking a single dollar in donations or grants.

From 2009 to 2014, I helped thirty-nine charitible organisations, supplying over 5000 images to Non-Profits. They used them to raise their profile in marketing, and garner much needed support. A great deal more images were created working directly with patients battling cancer, or for their family’s.

In 2014, due to ilness in my own family and changing circumstances, I found I was unable to maintain PfC. I still do what I can for those who reach out.

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