About James Hancox

I operate as a Non-Profit Social Enterprise.

I.e. My commercial work covers expenses, including the usual tax obligations a normal company has, and to maintain my equipment. Any surplus is spent on providing services to charity, or donated annually.

So get in touch today!

My contact details, and online profiles, are at the bottom of every page.

In the beginning…

Passionate about visual media, and giving back to my community, it was a “Eureka!” moment when I imagined a way to do both:

What if I donated my time, and skill, rather than feel guilty I could not afford monetary support?

In 2009, I founded “Photographers for Charity” as a vehicle to do just that.

I offered free photographic services to charitable organisations, and hoped to inspire others to give of their time and skill also.

It worked!

Photographers, from all over the world, were getting in touch.

People from Egypt, India, America, and even a hidden valley in Nepal, were asking how they could get involved.

From 2009 to 2014, I personally helped thirty-nine organisations. I produced and supplied over 5000 images to Non-Profits so they could raise their profile, and garner much needed support. Many more were created for patients battling cancer, or for their family’s.

I have a particular love for assisting people who are battling cancer, and the organisations involved in their care. This lead to my work with Mercy Hospice in Christchurch, and the many photo sessions I’ve provided directly to patients and their families.

About James Hancox
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Christchurch, New Zealand
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