Book Cover Promotional Shoot

Book Cover Promotional Shoot

A BTS from yesterday. My models filling in time with whiteboard markers while I set up my lights.

I like folks to have fun on my shoots. They should always be an experience, not just another “job”. No one enjoys sitting around watching a Photographer play with equipment.

The work is something a little different. I can’t tell you what it’s for just yet, sorry… But can hint that an author commissioned the images (Thus the title of this post).

You should recognise our friend Calum of Dirt Bike Co if you’ve been following the my Facebook Page for a while (Go check it out, and LIKE it, if not!). He’s more used to mangling his limbs on a track, but he knows my style which makes life easier.

Joining him at the table is the amazing Katrina McCloy whom I had the greatest pleasure to shoot for the first time. She’s a stunning, versatile model, and gifted digital designer. I can’t say enough how lovely she is to work with.

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Book Cover Promotional Shoot