It’s not entirely fresh news: Facebook has been reducing organic reach for Pages for some time now.

Apparently though, as early as this month (January 2015), it will get even worse: They’re set to remove it completely.

The only way to get around this change is to pay to “Boost” your posts. That’s troubling news for the “little guy” operations out there. Those with healthy marketing budgets, and paid Social Media teams, will simply throw money/time at this and continue to pop up in your news feed. The rest of us will likely find our Pages are essentially useless.

On face-value, this feels like a gap widener… The powerful get more reach, the small businesses fade away.

Of course, I can’t fault Facebook too much for the move. They, too, are a business. They have staff to pay, resources to fund, and public investors to please, all so we can enjoy connecting with friends. Our personal use of the platform is still free, after all.

It’s suggested the move will mostly effect those who post promotional content: Competitions, pushing product, seeking Likes, and other similar items. All judged by an algorithm. I might be slow, but isn’t that the whole purpose of a business having a Facebook Page? Whether it’s a friendly post with a kitten photo, or a poster advertising a show, they’re there to market themselves and attract potential customers. Right? They’re certainly not there just to hang out, and kick some time around.

On my own Page, I see the effects already. At time of writing, there’s 1169 wonderful people who have clicked that Like button (Either for JHP|V, or my Photographers for Charity initiative that I recently merged)… But fewer than 100 will regularly see any of my posts organically. I’m not posting competitions, and not strictly promoting either. Most of my posts are simply shares of my images for folks to enjoy.

I have profiles on other sites, like Google Plus and Twitter, and share much of the same content to those also. But, even with the restrictions in place, I still get a lot more “action” on Facebook than all the others combined. Could this change push businesses to other, still currently “free”, platforms? Will their fans and customers follow them? I feel the answers would be “Yes”, and “Why bother?”

Though I’ve attracted more business via Google Searches, than directly from those platforms, my rank in searches is partly based on my appearance on Social sites. For those sites to help my rank, I need people to see the posts, and interact with them. So even my website needs their help!

I’m afraid I don’t have a good answer, yet, for an alternative Social Network option. Facebook is, after all, the King of Social Networks (Especially here in New Zealand).

What are your thoughts? Have you made any new plans yet?

(Image courtesy of Marketing Land)


Facebook Page Organic Reach Is Dead

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