I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate
– Suli Breaks

Not sure of the reasoning, but my parents had me tested around 8yrs old.

Reading ability, IQ tests, etc… Apparently I did ok. Above average. I never quite got a handle on school though… Hated it. Never quite fit in.

A bunch of random stuff floats to the surface now and then. A little calculus, some biology, basic physics. What I don’t recall is ever being taught how to navigate the tax system, or how to invest wisely. There were no classes on how to network, or grow a business.

No one helped us understand how our current society works, all we did was look backward as if we might learn from other peoples mistakes (Spoiler alert: We never do). The only thing school taught me is how wrong the system was/is. How wrong I was/am.

The next generation understands this, is more brave than I was, and is questioning it all.

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