It takes a village Photographer Designer James Hancox

It takes a village

I’m sure the first post requires some form of momentous insight… but I’ll start with a test, and a thought on what I might use this for.

I’ve always loved the idea of minds, from varying walks of life, collaborating. So this Social Media explosion seems to be happening at just the right time for me… even though many of us have been active with it for some time now.

Now that the “thought” is done, & the test of the bookmarklet is complete… I think I’ll use this to share my favourite images as I come across them. Perhaps a little commentary will be in order, or I’ll just let the image speak.

Be well :D

This was my first post on the now defunct “Posterous” blogging site… And technically my first-ever blog post too.
I’m leaving it as is, with all it’s glorious mistakes and naivety… A reminder to keep on moving.

Photographer Designer James Hancox

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To see the full range, visit Ironic Life Co <3

It takes a village