KJ Apa Incredible Street Guitar Performance

I was wandering home, & heard a Jimi Hendrix solo growling away from across the street. Naturally, I looked… and there was KJ.

A young guy with his guitar & an amp (iPod connected for backing), just going for it on the streets of Auckland. Playing flawlessly.

I don’t tend to carry cash, but I *always* have my camera on me… So I hoped I could help him out in another way… One take. Not cuts. No special equipement. Shot, handheld, by a photographer who only just learned the video settings on his 7D. No external mic either… this is how the camera captured it. Imagine being there.

I hope he’s back next time I’m walking down Queen Street. You should look out for him too… and give what you can to support KJ’s incredible talent.

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