Hey folks. Apologies for being late today. Last night was a bit rough up here on the farm, and we’ve got a bit on this morning as a result.

In cases like these, I’ll post an image from my charity work instead. They’re already edited (saving valuable time for me), and it’ll help promote the charity. The majority will be work for Hospice… some of you will know why.

The frequency of such posts will likely increase over the next month or so I’m afraid. I hope you’ll understand, and be a little forgiving while we work through this.

(Sidenote: This is from the very first shoot for Mercy Hospice in Christchurch. The Opening Doors Art Exhibition in 2012)

James Hancox Morning Daily 047 | Off Day | Mercy Hospice

Photographer Videographer
Christchurch, New Zealand
Portrait Wedding Fine Art Landscape Video


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