Traditionally when I post something charity related in MorningDaily… I watch my site stats drop, and my Social Networks fall dead.

It’s really breaks my heart. So… Have a mini-rant on me…

You’re getting (almost) daily free stuff here. Would it kill you to help spread a supportive message? Not to help me, but to help the amazing charity providers that work every day of the year to help when you, or your loved ones, fall.

It’s still FREE folks.

It’s no secret. Mercy Hospice Christchurch is my personal favourite. They do some amazing things for their patients, and keep the hits coming with their “Opening Doors” programmes.

In fact, if it weren’t for Viv James, who heads up the initiative, you wouldn’t have these photos to enjoy at all.

If your mind is on Xmas steadily approaching… Perhaps consider gifting a little to them, or your local Hospice, so they can keep up the good work.

At the very least, share the post! Let all your friends know you have a good heart, and maybe some of them will consider a little charitable giving this season too.


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