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My Streets 25

Not every photo has to have a deep, and meaningful, reason to exist.

Often it’s just about capturing something you like in a texture, or the way the natural light adds a bit of depth, in that moment.

I’m afraid I don’t remember where this was, or what it was about… But I still like the texture and light, so it made the cut :)

What does beautiful sound like to you?
What does it look like through your eyes?
What does good taste like on your tongue?
What is too plain, too sweet, too sour,
too spicy, pretty close, just right?

What does soft feel like to you?
What textures, shapes, temperatures, colors do your hands
immerse themselves in, shy away from, hold with gentle grip
so as to not harm but never let go of?
What does holding on mean to you? What does letting go?

On Letting Go, arubybluebird

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