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My Streets 26

If you’re a photographer, always be on the look-out for a shot.

But wait for the best one!

In this case, I was sitting at a cafe with friends. I liked the light in the alley, and the fallen leaves, but wasn’t inspired.

Then a couple of staff came outside for a quick break… And they made the shot.

The luxury of digital Photography is that memory cards can be cheaply filled. But I find slowing down a bit can give better results.

WORRY stalked along the road,
Trouble sneaking after;
Then Black Care, and Grief, and Goad
Enemies to Laughter.

But old Laughter with a shout
Rose up and attacked ’em;
Put the sorry pack to rout,
Walloped *em and whacked ’em.

Laughter frivols day and night ;
Sometimes he’s a bubble,
But he hath a deal of might
In a bout with Trouble!

Laughter, John Kendrick Bangs

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