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My Streets 45

I just liked the car… :)

The leather upholstery and walnut dash
Nothing plastic looking cheap or brash
The shiny chrome and deep rug pile
Just sitting in it brings a smile

To clean for hours on weekend day
Then fill with petrol and drive away
To country place with airs and grace
This big old beauty has such pace

To see the many admiring stares
As they hurl past in their look-alike wares
Of modern age with designer fashion
All quiet the same, but no real passion

As hobbies go its not so cheap
Yet then again the joy you reap
Makes pure indulgence so worthwhile
As the whole 4 litre echoes such style

It’s old yet ageless none the less
With uneconomical thirst and zest
Then as you drive it all the while
Consider its journey mile on mile

Throughout its years and ownerships
What places has it been?
I wonder was it loved in early days
And by its then owner cleaned

Or did the staff just do the chore
And fetch it round to large front door
With owner sitting in the back
Just being chauffeured, prestige and that!

Classic Car, Ray Feasey

My Streets

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