Nostalgia Daily 04 January 2011 James Hancox Photo Design

Nostalgia Daily 04 January 2011

Meet Jo :)

Jo is, perhaps, the person I’ve photographed most over the years.

Early in any photographers career, there is a time when you have learned just enough to start having a great many creative ideas… But often no one to explore them with.

Around this time for me, I was lucky enough to know Calum, of Dirt Bike Co, and Jo. They both had a lot of energy, and were always up for a challenge. This is why you’d them popping up over and over as you scrolled through my images.

I hadn’t yet learned how to pose and direct models, but Jo knew just what to do. As a dancer she is really self-aware, so working with her was effortless.

This particular shot came from an afternoon wandering around (the now re-developed) Shed 10 area on Auckland City’s waterfront.

You can find Jo on Instagram as @jo_nz_bubs, and in various blog/portfolio posts here on my website.

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Nostalgia Daily 04 January 2011