Nostalgia Daily 04 March 2016 James Hancox Photo Design

Nostalgia Daily 04 March 2016

I got to hang out with two incredible Richard’s…

LeftSir Richard Faull, a neuroscientist and pioneer in the field of neurodegenerative diseases.

RightRichard Dean Anderson. An actor known for his role as MacGyver, and as “Jack O’Neill” in the Stargate franchise.

Having grown up with MacGyver as my TV hero, and with a particular interest in brain disease given some family history, this was the ultimate “fanboy” moment for me.

Little known, sadly, is RDA’s support of Sea Shepherd and Waterkeeper. Check them out!

I’m trying to keep these posts short, so go read Adrienne Kohlers article on what this was all about.

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Nostalgia Daily 04 March 2016