Nostalgia Daily 12 December 2010 James Hancox Photo Design

Nostalgia Daily 12 December 2010

Hi internet, meet my dad :)

Like most kiwi blokes of his generation, he didn’t always put things in to words.

As a small/medium business owner, he never worried his kids when things were tight. As a father, we didn’t always get to see him because he was working so hard, but he made the time count when he could.

As a person fighting significant illness, he’s teaching everyone how to keep calm and carry on (and how to ride a mobility scooter like a rally champ).

We Hancox’s aren’t known for sharing our emotions openly…

Dad, for always doing what you could for us, and for fighting the good fight, you’re another of my unsung heroes.

Nostalgia Daily

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Nostalgia Daily 12 December 2010