Nostalgia Daily 12 November 2011 James Hancox Photo Design-2
Nostalgia Daily 12 November 2011 James Hancox Photo Design-3

Nostalgia Daily 12 November 2011

That time I shot a kick boxing event, not realising it was being broadcast live across China.

I was asked to cover this “New Zealand vs China” event, and get as close as possible to the action. So… I did.

I’ll leave you to play “Where’s Wally” with the videos from that night (One of three below).

The main story behind this post:
This one fight really stood out on the night.

Above is one of the most popular of all my shots from that event. It’s dramatic for sure, but there’s a twist!

The Chinese fighter spent most of the bout goading the kiwi.

He would just stand there, and let him land various strikes. At one point it gets a bit crazy. Perhaps it was a tactic to put the kiwi off his game?

Watch the video. Start watching from 21:33 for this guys fight… cue “Curb Your Enthusiasm” theme.

Nostalgia Daily 12 November 2011 James Hancox Photo Design-4

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Nostalgia Daily 12 November 2011