Nostalgia Daily 17 November 2012 James Hancox Photo Design

Nostalgia Daily 17 November 2012

We spent the day shooting a music video for “Illegal Banditz” (With Brendan Husband and Brooke Duff)  and their new single “Bring me back to life“.

With the help of a large group of awesome volunteers, a full film crew from Stake, some BMX Bandits thanks to Dirt Bike Co, a couple of loaned vehicles, and relatively no budget, it was a blast… There’s even a bit of footage by me in the mix ;)

To thank everyone that helped, we organised a party at the local bar where we filmed.

I may have gone a bit over board bringing in some fire dancers, but it drew a crowd and the bar appreciated the extra business :)

Nostalgia Daily

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Nostalgia Daily 17 November 2012