Being “Cause of the Week” meant PfC took pride-of-place on the front page of their site for the week, and will continue to have a permanent blog-style post dedicated to my cause (including an interview with yours-truly).

I was also given use of a special Twitter account (using a tool they’ve designed themselves) from which to send up to 15 tweets, of my own design, to over 5000 people! (The number is far higher, as those messages get further shared amongst a huge network).

The additional exposure has been phenomenally successful, and might have taken me another 6 months at least to achieve alone. Using what I’m learning from their team, I feel I have a much stronger grip on what I need get done to achieve the vision I have for PfC.

This means I can get out there and help countless more people, sooner, with less of a hit on my own well being.

That’s true, immeasurable, value.

If you’re a charity or Non-Profit Organisation, whether you think you’re doing a great job in the Social Media space or not, you need to register yourself with this site.

From their site:Socialize Your Cause is a social media consulting team comprised of internet marketers who saw businesses making great strides within the social media sphere and wanted to spread the wealth to the folks who actually deserve the wealth, Non-Profit Organizations.

Socialize Your Cause exists to help non-profit & charity organizations better navigate the Internet and ever-growing social media sphere. We are here to help guide your organization through the vast ocean, that is the Internet, to further your organizational goals, tell your story, and activate people to join your cause.”

PfC Archive | The Charity

In 2009, I founded “Photographers for Charity”.
I wanted to inspire people to donate their time, and unique skills, to help their community or favourite charity.
Unfortunately, PfC is no longer operating. Time pressure, a family illness, and the cost of running things without donations
or financial support, made it impossible for me to maintain alone. I feel I achieved my primary goal however.
The “PfC Archive” is just my way of keeping the memory of that work alive. Mostly for me :)

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