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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Portrait - Sarah 02

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Portrait

A friend had a neat idea to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we just happened to know someone with cute puppies.

“Look After Your Puppies” was born!

Sarah donated her time, modelling skill, and two of the most adorable dogs you’ll ever meet, to help make these portraits happen.

Another friend, who founded the wonderful “Shocking Pink” Non-Profit Organisation, helped by running the idea and images past her community for their blessing to proceed (We didn’t want to offend anyone after all).

We then asked our friends to use the Facebook cover image for the month… Facebook was a sea of puppies for the whole of October!

I created t-shirts too, in the hope we’d raise funds for Shocking Pink. Whether it was the image or the new shirt site I tried, we sadly didn’t achieve this goal. But we did hit our primary goal of raising awareness.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Portrait - Sarah 01
Breast Cancer Awareness Month Portrait Facebook Cover Photo

The Facebook cover image we shared.

Photographer Designer James Hancox

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Portrait