Project Description

Hamish Trounson Charitable Photographer Retouching

Hamish Trounson is a fantastically talented photographer, with a huge heart.

In December 2011, at a time many families are preparing for their holidays, Chante’s family were spending quality time with her. They weren’t sure she would make it to Christmas Day.

Chante, a teenager battling cancer, wanted some nice photos taken with her sister. It was Hamish that stepped up to help.

Due to her illness, and the treatment she undertook to fight it, Chante’s skin was causing her some embarrassment. So the word went out for a retoucher, and mutual contacts put us in touch.

There are many, many photographers out there giving generously to the world. Thank Hamish by booking your next portrait session with him!

Note: The images attached are not the final works produced by Hamish. They’re early (heavily cropped) examples of one of my favourite shots.

Photographer Designer James Hancox

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