Raising My Hand with Tony Christiansen

Raising My Hand with Tony Christiansen

I had the greatest honour today to meet/hear Tony Christiansen speak.

He was at Mercy Hospice, generously giving of his time to speak with patients and guests. He’d just landed back in the country after a long-haul flight, but you’d never have known. The guy is a machine.

He lost his legs at 9yrs old, wasn’t expected to live passed 20, and has achieve more than most fully-bi-pedal folks I see around these days.

This guy… Life… Nailed it.

One part of his talk stood out to me in particular:

As kids, we’d sit on the mat at school, raise our hand for teacher, and “Pick me!” our little hearts out. We often “didn’t know the answer, or even the question for that matter”, but we weren’t afraid. It’s not till after years of “No you can’t”, and being mocked by others for dreaming big, that we turn in to the fearful shadows of our former 5yr old selves. It’s a great shame.

So here’s me with Tony, raising my damn hand…

A salute to all the kids out there that lost their way. Dream big again. Tell the “you can’t”, “you’ll never”, “you’re stupid”, idiots to f**k off.

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Raising My Hand with Tony Christiansen