Torrents, and File Sharing websites… Only Pirates use those to steal movies, and destroy the media industry, right?


For a start, BitTorrent is just a protocol. It was designed to support the transfer of large amounts of data via the Internet (Any data, not just movies). It’s amazing stuff, and it’s being used for far greater purposes than simply entertaining the computer savvy.

Here’s a couple of examples off the top of my head:

  • A company with multiple offices, that needs to efficiently share company information, might choose the system to ensure reliable transport and synchronisation of its latest data.
  • It’s becoming more common for media production teams to be spread across borders, and even countries. Audio and video files in their raw form are HUGE, and may need to be shared back and forth multiple times.

And then there’s this example, and the reason for my post: “BitTorrent Bundles” (I highly recommend reading their blog too)

You can create your own bundle of content, and share it with the world, without any special knowledge or technology at your end.

Unlike most services that are limited in what you can distribute/purchase, you can include anything a computer can read, such as video, images, PDF’s, or a combination of them all, all in one download.

For now, it seems to be most popular with musicians. But if you look around, you’ll find all sorts of great content. From documentaries, to books.

The best part of the system… It’s FREE. Free to sign up. Free to host files with them. Free for people to download those files…. sorta.

Right now, you can choose how you want people to have access to your creations. You can make it completely free (as I have with my first two), or have a “Gate”.

A “Gate” in Bundle Land is quite neat. You can separate free from “Premium” content very easily. For now, in these early days, the only Gate available to all is providing an email address. But they have just successfully tested a Pay Gate option with Thom Yorke. So I expect to see this becoming more sophisticated, and more widely avaialble, as time goes on.

Here are the two bundles I’ve create to test the waters, and get to know how this all works. I’d love to see feedback on your experience.

Note below I’ve been able to embed my bundles right in to my site, and with some neat features too. Have a play :)

Using BitTorrent for Legal Stuff

Photographer Videographer
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Portrait Wedding Fine Art Landscape Video

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